This is my Dedication to everybody, big or small who is trying, fighting and struggeling to make this world a better place.

Helene Du Rietz

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Helene Du Rietz - artist and songwriter biography.

Helene Du Rietz tears down the walls between Europe and Africa and between reggae, blues, oriental tones and traditional Swedish herding calls. She is the singer who wants to be everywhere - preferably at the same time.


A song was born on a beach in Gambia where Helene Du Rietz and her friend met a percussionist and started jamming. It ended with a studio recording - and a video. 

”Dedication” is the first one of Helene Du Rietz thirteen songs from the album ready to be released on jna 7th.  This particular song is clearly rooted in West African reggae with the producers JLive and Musa Touray in the background. In the foreground is the rapper Og Log and also Kora player Ansumana Suso.

Producer Musa Touray Producer Musa Touray

And what is the song about? Well, all the people who fight for a better world, help other people, the environment, the right things with enthusiasm, dedication and perseverance. - I dedicate the song "Dedication" to everyone who strives in their everyday life, concludes Helene Du Rietz.

  •  Has sung on the streets of London, Berlin and Antwerp as a young girl.

  • Writes ethno soul, gospel, children's songs, blues songs and also has a blues band called "Women in the house" and a Swedish folkmusic vocal trio “Triola”

  • In 2015, Helene released the album “Du Rietz a cappella” recorded in a Gotland church with a 9-second reverberation and had a release tour in churches on the island Gotland and Stockholm.

  • Was a leader of an afro american gospel choir in Sabbatsbergs Church in Stockholm between 2010- 2020

  • Released her new album "Dedication” 2022 with different soul, jazz, blues, folk musicians and singers from different continents at Vax Records.